LSI Lighting Controls

LSI Controls offers a wide range of advanced wireless solutions for outdoor and indoor commercial lighting applications, ranging from street and parking lot lighting to garage, signage and architectural lighting, as well as office, warehouse and sports facility lighting.

LSI advanced wireless controls solutions help you achieve increased control, enhanced quality of lighting, substantial energy savings, code compliance… and more.


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Outdoor Lighting Controls

LSI offers two levels of outdoor wireless control platforms supported by the resources of LSI Industries. Both platforms are designed and produced to deliver the highest quality and performance, and are backed by renowned world-class service:

Our base outdoor controls package features one-way communications; quick, easy on-site commissioning; as well as the ability to edit schedules and manage lights by groups or zones.

Our best-in-class outdoor controls package features two-communications with comprehensive reporting functions; enables the user to manage individual lights or zones; provides remote Internet access via PC/Tablet/Android application; and delivers email alerts.

Indoor Lighting Controls

LSI delivers a full portfolio of LED lighting solutions that feature advanced wireless controls, including dimmers, photocells, sensors and relay control panels.

Our latest solution  – AirLink – is an advanced indoor solution designed for both new construction and retrofits in commercial office spaces, education facilities, hospitals, retail environments and more.

For additional information on any of our advances wireless controls solutions, please contact LSI Controls sales: