AirLink Wireless Indoor Control System

enabled by Lutron®

AirLink is the first wireless indoor lighting control system that is unbelievably simple to specify, install, use and sell. With no wiring, AirLink projects cut labor & risk by up to 90%. Not to mention, commissioning is now a visual process via web application, which makes it so easy, anyone can do it using their mobile device.

The AirLink system includes an array of wireless products: power packs, sensors, switches, controllers and hub, which gives users full control over their lighting system. We currently offer 5 AirLink-integrated troffers, but we also have a variety of AirLink-compatible fixtures as well.

Your customers will appreciate the ease and flexibility of their lighting system along with the following features:

The AirLink System

AirLink System Wireless Hub

Click on the hub to view its specification sheet.

Wireless Power Packs

Click on a power pack to view its specification sheet. Note that the ALC fixture controller comes factory-installed into the fixture for your convenience.

Wireless Sensors

Click on a sensor to view its specification sheet. Note that the ALOS/ALVS fixture sensor comes factory-installed onto the fixture for your convenience.

Wireless Switches

Click on a switch to view its specification sheet

AirLink Indoor Ambient LED Lighting

AirLink is available in a variety of troffers, designed for both new construction and retrofits in commercial office spaces, education facilities, hospitals, retail environments and more. These fixtures can be factory-installed with the ALC fixture controller and the ALOS/ALVS fixture sensor for your convenience. Click on a fixture image below to be directed to

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