AirLink Wireless Controls

LSI AirLink is an advanced wireless control system that consists of wireless sensors, switches, dimmers and remote controls that are easy to install, easy to set up and quick to deliver meaningful energy savings.

Wireless Power Packs

Click on a power pack to view its specification sheet. Note that the AirLink Fixture Controller comes factory-installed into the fixture for your convenience.

Wireless Sensors

Click on a sensor to view its specification sheet. Note that the AirLink Fixture Sensor comes factory-installed onto the fixture for your convenience.

Wireless Switches

Click on a switch to view its specification sheet

AirLink™ Indoor Ambient LED Lighting

AirLink is available in a variety of troffers, designed for both new construction and retrofits in commercial office spaces, education facilities, hospitals, retail environments and more. These fixtures can be factory-installed with the AirLink Fixture Controller and the AirLink Fixture Sensor for your convenience.