LSI Gold Controls – our base controls solution – offer one-way communication, quick and easy on-site commissioning, and the ability to edit schedules and manage lights by groups and/or zones.

The Gold Control System communicates using a patented 915 MHz mesh radio network employing the standard 802.15.4 protocol.  Each unit is a repeater of radio packets.  The typical range between wireless devices is 300 feet (approx. 100 meters) outdoors with line-of-sight.

LSI’s Gold Wireless Lighting Control System is comprised of one Gold Site Manager PC software and Radio Module (GSM), one Gold Override Switch (GOV), one Gold Control Modules (GCM) for each lighting fixture, one or more optional Gold Motion Sensor Overrides (GMO), one or more optional Gold Photo Sensors (GPH), one or more optional Gold Zone Controller (GZC) and one or more optional Gold Circuit Controllers (GCC). You can view these components, specification sheets and installation instructions below.

Gold Control Components

Click on a component to view its specification sheet.

Outdoor Fixtures with Gold Integrated Controls

LSI offers a range of outdoor fixtures with factory-installed controls to simplify installation. Click on a fixture image to see its specification sheet, installation instructions, photometries and more.

Gold Control Literature

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